Are you not able to find out a reliable person to take your loan guarantee? Is your bad credit the main reason? Your reply is in ‘Yes’! Then the perfect solution is no guarantor loan. It is the short term personal loan that is mostly available for people with poor credit history. They usually struggle to arrange a trustworthy individual, who must have a good credit history or must be a homeowner. By considering that tricky scenario, direct lenders like VirginBucks have introduced such loan product.

The loans with no guarantor are best for the financial emergency because they save a lot of time of the borrowers from tedious application procedure. Applying for these loans for bad credit with no guarantor brings a lot of benefits for you, such as:

no guarantor loans

  • Instant loan approval
  • Avail loan responsibility on your own
  • No fear of breaking relations with your near ones
  • Best chance to improve your credit ratings

The best part of applying here is the opportunity for those with adverse credit scores. They also have a specialised lending product like very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker involved. Yes, we have a vast online presence and you can find us easily with no need for any ‘third party’.


Many people have the same question in their mind i.e. why to approach only direct lender? Well, not all the direct lenders in the UK are the answers to it but we are certainly the ideal marketplace to shop for no guarantor loans. We have the VARIETY and we have the VISION to serve your financial purposes. Among almost all the private lenders, we have been able to win the trust of a large number of people, in which many of them are still our existing borrowers.

The personalised deals on loans without guarantor have put us in the elite list of lenders that have more preference with more possibilities. Whether you are a tenant or homeowner, the loan benefits are equal to everyone because we have an unbiased lending approach.

Here are the possible reasons why you need a direct lender like us:

  • Flexible lending policy
  • Competitive APRs despite poor credit
  • Choice of choosing repayment plans
  • More chances of improving credit scores
  • No compulsory requirement of putting collateral


The vast use of the online process has made applying for the loans very easy. The prospective borrowers just have to open up their laptops or smartphones to apply here and they get loans for bad credit with no guarantor, no fees and on instant decision. Nothing will come in their way especially the loan obligations and they can easily get rid of financial issues quite early.

At VirginBucks, the loan approval comes within a few minutes because there is no paperwork and no faxing is required. However, it is expected from the borrowers that they will follow the loan procedure sincerely and give us all the genuine details. As you have a lot of expectations from us, we also have expectations from you.

The no need of a guarantor is itself the efficient way of getting the loans on instant decision. As far as the eligibility is concerned, it also helps in getting quick funding. The conditions generally include:

  • Borrowers have to be employed somewhere
  • Part-time income, if not full time, can also be accepted
  • Borrowers must be living in the UK for the last 7 years
  • Having a valid bank account is a must
  • Loans are not allowed for the minors, only above 18 persons can apply


Yes, they are. We provide bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check facility. It is the ideal way to secure necessary funds without wasting any time. We have to mention here is that these are the short term loans but can be used for both personal and business purposes. There are many business owners, who have also poor credit score and they struggle a lot to get the approval.

The advantage of ‘no credit check’ gives them a lifeline through which one can easily apply for loans without any fear of search footprint on to their credit profile. The further benefits will be:

  • This is a good option for the first time borrowers
  • Borrowers have the chance of improving their credit scores
  • Same day loan approval is well within the possibility

Note: VirginBucks has been a responsible direct lender in the UK. We feel important to mention here is that applying for these no credit check loans with no guarantors may attract slightly high -interest rates. However, the final decision will be taken only after discussing with the borrowers.


The answer is again ‘yes’. People with very poor credit scores often find themselves in such tough situations when they need financial assistance. Unlike mainstream lenders, we have opened our lending doors for these individuals as well. They may have adverse credit scores because of defaults, arrears, bankruptcy or CCJ, but we know that they can improve it with proper backing and that role is what we are playing. We have been known among the most preferred choices among very bad credit loans direct lenders in the UK.

When you have such really bad credit scores, you have nothing to lose but to gain everything. Our timely funding help will allow you to do so. Properly Use our flexible repayment terms and enhance your credit rating as soon as possible.

VirginBucks is an ideal lending hub where financial solutions exist in advance. You just have to show trust on us, inform us and allow us to accomplish your financial interests with personalised offers like very bad credit loans with no guarantor.

  • Transparent lending policy
  • Special festive discount on loan interest rates
  • Loan terms as per your recent financial situations
  • A complete financial assistance

Surely, you would like to have these features when you apply for no guarantor loans. Apply now and obtain each one of them.

6 must read questions for No Guarantor Loans

I don’t have a guarantor, what possibility I can see in terms of loans? Am I Eligible?

Yes, you can get loans without guarantor. In earlier times, loan providers find risky to give loans without any guarantor but many online lenders in the UK like Virgin Bucks is ready to give you pounds with affordable interest rate, but before borrowing money, you have to prove them that you can make repayment on schedule time and for that, you must have at least good income status or credit score.

However, in case of less-than-stellar credit score, you can borrow a small amount without any guarantor. Virgin Bucks understands the problem of those borrowers who need urgent money but their bad credit and no one is ready to become a guarantor become the obstacles of their path to get money. But, this FinTech Company providing you a loan without any guarantor, with no upfront fees and on same-day disbursal.

My finances have suffered due to very bad credit, Can Direct Lender Help Me?

Of course, direct lender will help you. But before giving you the reasons, we would like to suggest you that don’t expect such immunity from the mainstream lenders particularly from the banks. You have very bad credit score, which means you have an adverse credit background. The traditional lenders may help you but with extremely high interest rates.

Expecting very bad credit loans with no guarantor from direct lender like VirginBucks is always a possibility. Here, loan approval does not come on the basis of credit history but determined through your income capacity. Interest rates will be higher but will be finalised only after discussing with you about your recent financial capacity.

It is very important for the borrowers to keep their employment status alive at the time of applying for the loans.

How much no credit check factor influence my loan application?

It does and in a big way. Despite the lenient nature of FinTech lending, there are still many loan providers in the UK, who conduct hard credit check of the borrowers. And, if they find anything negative, they do not mind rejecting the loan application. If a lender does a soft credit check or a complete no credit check, then it will be a big relief to those borrowers who suffer from no credit history or bad credit score.

In fact, a few direct lenders like VirginBucks are providing specialised lending products by keeping this feature into their mind. For instance, bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check. Here, the lenders’ nod to the loan application determines through earning capacity of the particular borrower and also the current financial stature.

Which other exemption can direct lender provide me besides no guarantor?

Since the growing impact of online lending, many changes have been done in the loan process. And now the lenders are using more specific funding options. For the people with bad credit scores, they always find difficulty in not having a guarantor. It is not the problem of one or two persons, instead it is the common problem for which people look towards the lenders.

Fortunately, lenders have not disappointed them and in fact, they are ready to provide more benefits to them such as loans for bad credit with no guarantor, no fees and instant decision. They do not charge anything in the name of extra charges and keep borrowers free from such burden. Similarly, the online application process prevails and that led the chance of getting instant decision is always there.

How no guarantor loans help me pay out miscellaneous expenses?

You know some expenses come without any indication and they will create problem especially when you have limited funds. In reality, these expenses often create the scenario of financial emergency in your life. In such situation, you cannot rely upon the long term loans because they need to time to approval. In fact, the small funding resources like no guarantor loans in UK can work best for you and bring desired funds on an immediate basis.

You can straightway apply for the loans without considering any third party involvement. As quickly you submit your loan application, the lender will able to examine it and approve it finally. Therefore, these small loans have the major significance during the urgent situation. Moreover, it is also important that you apply through online medium to approval more instantly.

What interest rates can I expect on loans for bad credit, high or steady, at least?

Fulfilling the eligibility criteria, completing the application process and following the obligations are those things which any borrower can perform. But one thing that is not in the hands of the borrowers is the interest rate. Although the rates may vary from one lender to another but when it comes to the people with bad credit, they automatically increase for which the borrowers have to agree upon.

Situation becomes tougher when these individuals do not have the guarantor too. Lender can consider these factors and put high interest rates on loans for bad credit with no guarantor. On the other hand, VirginBucks is committed to offer the competitive interest rates that will suit the individual circumstances. As long as you are earning, we do not have any problem to approve your loan application. It is always happy borrowing from us.