Why is Virgin Bucks a Better Option?

  • We offer loans to people who may have had bad credit in the past.
  • Our soft check policy will not affect your score.
  • We’ll make your conditional decision in just minutes.
  • We disburse loans to tenants as well.

Amount of credit: £3,800 for 48 months at £155.05 per month. Total repayment of £7,442.61. Interest: £3,642.61. Interest rate: 38% pa (fixed). 45.3% APR Representative.Warning : Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Fair, Flexible and Workable Loans that Give You Full Control

The most satisfying thing for us is when our customers get their goals after taking a loan from us. It becomes possible because we live up to our objectives, which can be summarised as:

  • To provide full financial support that paves the way for complete stability in your life.
  • To make lending easier and effective for you via acceptable terms and conditions
  • To follow unbiased lending service and offer everything for everyone

These goals give us the direction when our financial experts frame low interest no guarantor loans. Our main concern is ‘what you have recently done’ rather than ‘what you had before done’? You don’t need to approach someone to take your guarantee because your income status will bring the approval for you.

Our lending hub also has the space for every individuals. We aspire to provide swift approval on unemployed loans from direct lender. We have specialised deals for them even if they are unable to present any guarantor. More important, your loan application will be preferred no matter you are living on benefits or borrowing as a student. You will get benefits like:

  • Smooth online procedure on paper-free format
  • No credit assessment despite any credit score
  • Easy eligibility criterion for tenants and homeowners
  • Special loan benefits
  • Constructive loan terms and repayment plans

Your each financial problem gives us a way to provide something unique-cum-useful. Don’t feel too much burden on your finances that occurred due to excessive debts. Choose our debt consolidation financing to ease your situation under a suitable time. Ease funds, repay them on easy monthly installments and come out free from all your pending debts.

Show your trust on us because we have plenty to offer you. Start applying now…

Why VirginBucks is the Right Choice for You?

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We are determined to offer you personalised loan services, which is very unlike other direct lenders especially in terms of the upfront charges or any other surprises. Just lodge your loan application here and remove all your worries aside. We do not need only the good credit score to the loan approval rather we also accept applications with low credit scores and the competitive interest rates are the reality with every loan deal.

We lead the responsible lending place where one can borrow amount according to his or her repayment capacity and prevent you to trap into financial drench. All the terms and conditions are suitable for any individual with any financial background.

As soon as you share your problems with us, we instantly contact you with the best possible financial solution. And, don’t forget to put your feedback after receiving loan benefits from us.

Easy Application Method & Flexible Features

Whether you apply for the short term loans or the long term loans, the application process will remain the simple and straightforward and all the applications are accepted through online mode. You do not require visiting our location, although you are welcome anytime, as you can complete the procedure by sitting at your comfortable place. Once approved, we do not delay the fund disbursal, in fact, it will be done on the same day.

No paperwork and no credit check are the salient features that we provide with our loans. They sometimes also involve the policy of no guarantor because all these obligations often delay the loan approval.

Short term loans are generally available to finance your emergency needs. A long procedure is not worth following when you need money urgently, therefore we follow easy and short procedure. You do not need to visit us. Just go to our website, fill the application form and submit it to us. We will credit the amount within a few moments without a credit check. Remember, you can fill the loan application from anywhere at any time.

No matter what is your financial goal is, VirginBucks lends you what you need. The interest rates and repayment terms are always flexible be it for short term funding or borrowing for the longer term.

Our customers rate our service as good or excellent

Thanks VirginBucks for stable my financial life. It has happened only because of you, as you instantly backed me when my I faced continuous rejections from the other lenders. Now, I am fully satisfied all thanks to you. Great Service.
One thing of VirginBucks that I liked the most is their quick reply to the borrowers’ loan queries. I got just after 5 minutes of submitting the loan applications. However, I was further amazed by seeing such convenient interest charges to pay. Really, a good job…
– Jack Parker
Reliable and relevant loan offers that what I would like to say about the VirginBucks. They are truly the professional lending company where the online loans are provided with extreme care and transparency. I definitely recommend their names to everyone.
– Thomas
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